Thank you so much to the Newark Charter Intermediate School for putting together this wonderful video!

The Friends of the Mounted Patrol (FMP) is a group of private citizens who work on a volunteer basis to support the New Castle County (NCC) Police Mounted Patrol Unit (MPU).  We believe that the Mounted Patrol Unit is an essential component in the NCC Police department’s law enforcement efforts and provides a unique opportunity for proactive policing and connecting with the community.  Formed in 2009 when the Unit was in jeopardy due to budget cuts, we continue to be committed to informing the public about the necessity of the Unit and to raising funds to support the ongoing needs of the active duty Unit and its retired horses.

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First day for "boot camp". Officer Bill Brown shaves Seahawk's mane (just like they shave recruits heads) in preparation for his upcoming training. Seahawk took it all in stride and is showing tendencies of being a good police mount. Xander and Julio were next on the docket. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Valentine's Day to all our Mounted Friends! (This is our February calendar photo! ... want one? ... See MoreSee Less

Today's service in Dover, Delaware for Lt. Floyd ... See MoreSee Less