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Darby is a 18 year old Clydesdale gelding who came to our unit all the way from Canada.  He arrived in Delaware as a youngster with very little training as a riding horse.  He arrived with two other Clydesdales and he was clearly the shy, unsure one of the group.  He was sometimes fearful when beginning his career as a patrol horse but he has grown tremendously since then.  He is an excellent patrol horse and has even proven to be fearless in crowd control situations.


Elvis, a 18-year-old gelding, is one of the smallest Clydesdales but he is known as the “little guy with the big attitude”.  He is the most athletic of  all the Clydesdales and is truly the king of the field when turned out with his friends in the paddock.  Elvis is a favorite among the public he serves, due to his good looks, and of course, his famous name.


Tonka is a 20-year-old purebred Percheron gelding weighing in over 2000 pounds and standing over 17.2 hands high! He was originally donated to the New Castle County Police Mounted Unit in 2004 and has been a police horse for 9 years now.  Because of his size and stature, he can be extremely intimidating.  However, those who have visited him at his home and the while out on patrol,  know him as one of the most friendly, sweet horses around. He loves people to pay him attention and never gets enough of being petted.  He has most recently been partnered with Officer Greg Bruno and the two have worked very hard together.  Ofc. Bruno has been diligent in his training with Tonka and as a result, they make an excellent team.


Commander is a 21 year old Clydesdale who joined the police department in 1999.  He stands 17 hands high and weighs 1800 pounds.  Prior to becoming a police horse he pulled ice cream cart with his father Lucci and his mother.  Commander was trained by members of the mounted unit and he has been transitioned into a reliable partner.  He works well with the other horses and is an excellent crowd control horse.  When being ridden in open spaces, he becomes competitive with the other horses and always wants to be out in front.  Commander is partnered with Officer First Class Erich Selhorst and both of them enjoy serving the citizens of New Castle County.

Big Red